Resident Info

Register & Login for VACP Website
Whether you're a unit owner or renter, you should be registered on the VACP website. This will allow you to receive email notices, activities, safety alerts, and community business information. 

Login Process for Residents Only 
Each user has their own login and access level to password-protected website pages. To set up, please email  Your email address will be used as your User name and a password will be generated for you.  Soon after your request, you will receive a web based password via email.  It is possible that you may receive your password from Villas @ Commander's Point without a request.
Gate Key Fob
To order a front gate key fob ($25.00 each) please email
You name will then be entered in the gate resident directory and you'll be given a personal keypad code. 
If you are a lessor you must submit your Lessee Agreement, to
Mailbox Key
To get your mailbox key you must bring your closing document or lease agreement with you to the USPS located at: 
2110 Ranch Road 620 S., Lakeway, TX 78734

Trash  & Recycling
Trash and recycling service is provided by the HOA. Each resident is provided with a trash container and a recycling collection bin. Trash and recycling days are Friday mornings, it’s requested you put out our trash after 6 p.m. Thursday nights. There is no bulk waste or bundle pick ups. 
If you need a new container, new recycle bin, or have a broken one, do not contact the trash service providers as they only take a replacement ticket from the head of the HOA. Please contact when in need. 
City of Austin Utilities
WCID 17 Travis County Water Control
3812 Eck Lane, Austin, TX 78734
Mandatory Outdoor Watering Schedules please visit:
Lake Travis Community Schools
Lake Travis Elementary 512-533-6300
Hudson Bend Middle School 512-533-6400
Lake Travis High School 512-533-6100
Lake Travis ISD 512-533-6000
Rules and Regulations and some Highlights
Resource guide to Rules and Regulations
Resource guide to Landscape Guidelines

Overnight Parking
  • The outer circle of each street is a marked Fire Lane and No Parking Zone. No automobile or other vehicle may be parked overnight on any roadway within the property from the hours of 12:30 AM until 8:30 AM. Vehicles parked in violation of this rule will be subject to towing, at the expense of the owner of such vehicle.
  • There will be a limited number of Guest Only Parking Spaces available in Section 1 and on the gravel road in front of the Water District 17’s water plant onsite for your convenience. These spaces are noted by signage indicating the location and restrictions of use. 
  • Guest parking is limited to one 24 hour period per week per vehicle. Upon request, the HOA Board can issue a temporary parking period extension for the guest area parking only by contacting In addition to the parking restrictions within this statement, any vehicle violating this Rule and Regulation is subject to be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  • Vehicles must not park opposite any driveway. Violators will be towed without exception.  
  • Commercial vehicle(s) with or without company signage will not be allowed to park overnight in any area that is visible by any resident.
  • For special parking needs please contact

Dogs must be on a leash when on community property. Pets may not make excessive noise (in the sole judgment of the Board). The Board of Directors may require permanent removal of any pet when the pet or its owner has repeatedly violated these rules or the pet has become objectionable in the opinion of the Board.
House Alterations & Improvements
VACP’s Rules and Regulations regarding alterations, improvements, and repairs state that all alterations, improvements, and repairs, must be approved in advance by the Design Review Committee. Such approval is to be obtained by submitting requests to Please refer to the Design Guidelines and Restrictions.

Oak Wilt Policy 
Oak Wilt is a destructive fungus that affects oak trees. You may not trim any trees without contacting the DRC first. The HOA trims community trees that are in the general common element areas. If you trim a tree that is on your unit please use these guidelines to help prevent oak wilt disease:   
  • No pruning/trimming oaks from February 1- June 30.   
  • Paint - Always paint fresh oak wounds immediately after pruning with wound dressing or latex paint, regardless of the season.
  • Sterilize Pruning Tools - Clean all pruning tools with 10% bleach solution or Lysol.
  • Properly Dispose of Oak Debris - Debris from diseased oaks trees should be immediately chipped or burned. 
  • If uncertain about trimming, consult the HOA Design and Review Committee at or visit for more information. 
Get Involved
• Residents are welcome to attend and observe and/or sign up to address the board. Please email if you would like to attend.
• Sign up for our Social Committee – VACP has several social activities during the year. Be sure to join the team and fun planning of new events by contacting
The Villas at Commander’s Point Board of Directors (BOD) is compiling this list of contractors in an effort to provide residents in the community a list of contractors that have been used by other residents and found their work and ethics to be acceptable.
The BOD in no way warrants, or guarantees the work of any contractor, and recommends getting more than one estimate for any work needed. Using a contractor with insurance is always a good idea.
Please email if you have used a contractor and would like to share their information with the community. The BOD reserves the right to post and/or remove any contractor’s information, or not.   
Garage Door Repairs
Cedar Park Overhead Doors (512) 335-7441
Lake Travis Overhead Doors (512) 200-8060
HVAC Systems
Austin Major Air & Heat (512) 836-2624 (Curtis)
Galaxy A/C & Heating (512) 459-3310 (James)
Irrigation Systems
Backflow testing & RPZ repairs – AAA Backflow Testing (512) 997-6000
Pest & Rodent Control
Bug Off Pest & Wildlife (512) 955-0080 (Kory)
Sewer & Drain Cleaning
Johnny Rooter (512) 452-6646
Tree Trimming
Affordable Tree Trimming (512) 769-5711 (Josh)
Window Cleaning
Amy’s Window Cleaning (512) 653-4582
Lakeway Locksmith
Blake  (512) 402-6208
Online Notary Public
Shankar Meganatha (512) 576-3757